Guest Speakers at The Great Northern Dive Show 2018

The Great Northern Dive Show 2018 will feature a wide variety of guest speakers from all areas of scuba diving.

Paul Duxfield

Duxy has been a regular figure on the dive industry scene for the last 15yrs.
Upon returning from Egypt in the early noughties where he worked as a guide, he quickly established himself as the ‘go-to guy” for newbies to give the best advice upon starting out in underwater photography. Being sales manager at the two biggest UW photo retailers in the UK, he also found time to write for the popular diving press and has conducted over 50 underwater photo workshops here and around the world. Alongside his regular club and dive show appearances.

Endlessly patient and full of infectious enthusiasm he likes nothing more than helping people with their questions about underwater photography from what camera to buy, and then on how to use it and the necessary accessories to go with it.

His mantra has alway been ‘Best Advice’ even if that meant losing a sale occasionally, building up trust amongst the people he dealt with.

This year on the prompting of a couple of his trip regulars and stalwarts of the club and competition scene Phil and Anne Medcalf he joined with them to start up Blue Duck Photography drawing on all their skills so they could join forces and deliver the very best in sales and photo training.

They’ve already had a very fast start and been delivering photo and digital editing advice to dive clubs around the country in a very short time.

Paul Duxfield

Tracy Timperley

Tracy Timperley

Tracy Timperley has been a PADI Course Director for 5 years and owns Academy Divers in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Tracy’s first dive was a Discover Scuba Diving Experience whilst on holiday in Cyprus, she loved diving so much when she returned home she found a local PADI Dive Centre and learnt to dive.

Tracy became a PADI professional in 2001 and a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2004, progressing through the PADI instructor grades to become a PADI Course Director in Malaysia 2012, where she was one of only 3 women to get on the course.   All Tracy’s training has been in the UK with the exception of the PADI Course Director.

Tracy enjoys all types of diving from wreck to reef, she has dived all around the UK from Shetland and Scapa Flow to Swanage.  Tracy is also happy to dive in warmer tropical waters in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.  She is an open circuit technical diver and is contemplating going into rebreather diving.

Having worked with 4 UK dive centres to help them develop their PADI training portfolio and customer base Tracy and her husband John decided it was time to find a base local to home to work from and bought Academy Divers in 2016.  She now has the facilities to do in house PADI Professional training from Dive Master to Staff Instructor and Specialty instructor training.

Her mission is to make Dive Professional level training less daunting and to help people achieve their dreams of teaching people to dive. She has a special interest in getting more women diving and mentoring them up to Professional level.

Claire Dutton

At the age of 25, Clare is the youngest PADI Course Director with a PADI 5 Star IDC Centre in the UK, and very much proud of it! As a young diving entrepreneur, Clare started her own SCUBA business, Duttons divers in 2014. She then expanded the business and took on the stunning Vivian Quarry in February 2017; also adding a dive boat, guided shore dives and worldwide travel into the mix, and has not looked back. Since achieving Course Director status, she has had her sights set on inspiring and guiding young divers like herself towards careers as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors, through top-class Instructor Development Courses at Vivian, and putting North Wales on the map as the place to be for UK diving

Claire Dutton

Tim Cutter

Tim Cutter

Tim is a technical diver and instructor based in the North East of England. Although he started his diving life in the warmer climes of the Med in 2005, he was soon gripped by the wrecks of the north east coast. Tim became a diving instructor in 2009, and while working in Malta that year developed his interest in technical diving. Since then he has delved into all aspects of technical diving from undived wrecks to advanced cave diving. Tim is an IANTD instructor training both OC & CCR divers. However his main passion in diving is exploring the unknown and lesser dived wrecks of the North Sea, and showing other divers these sites. As part of the TDT team Tim organises dive trips around the UK and Ireland keeping technical divers diving.

Ellen Cuylaerts

Ellen Cuylaerts relocated from Belgium to the Cayman Islands in 2009. She has a master’s degree in modern history and education. After a career in IT she home schooled her 2 gifted teenagers and took up scuba diving in June 2011. Soon she became a Master Scuba Diver and combined it with photographing the wonders of the underwater world.

Ellen’s main drive is shooting images that contribute to achieving goals in conservation of marine life and education about the importance of our oceans, and to capture the hearts and the will-to-act before it’s too late. Her basic concern is the decay of the oceans by pollution, overfishing, the brutal act of shark finning and dolphin and whale slaughtering.

Ellen has received numerous awards for her pictures and was the 2013 World Champion in the yearly online underwater photo competition ‘ June 2014 & again 2015 she became first and second in the United Nations’ World Oceans Day Photo Competition.

Ellen’s work kan be seen in exhibitions in Paris, St. Petersburg, Valencia, Marseille and New York. Last June she addressed heads of State on World Oceans Day at the General Assembly of the United Nations highlighting the plight of photographers and filmmakers engaging in protection of the oceans.

As a Fellow Explorer International she became a member of the Flag & Honors Committee of the Explorers Club, having a front seat at future explorations!

Learn more at:


Ian France

Ian France

Ian France is a passionate. experienced, full time technical diving Instructor Trainer, providing OC & CCR Cave, Mine and Technical diver training at diver and instructor level throughout the world.

With a wealth of experience in all kit configurations, both OC and CCR, and a regular instructor at Tekcamp (, Cave Camp (, fundamental in the UKMC (, and when not teaching – a very active diver exploring caves, mines, and the ocean. What really motivates Ian is a desire to pass on his experience and knowledge to students so that they too can discover the intrigue and delights of the underwater world and believes that the wrecks, caves and unexplored areas of the world are accessible to all divers with the correct training, equipment and knowledge.

Ian runs technical/cave courses both here in the UK, Azores, France, Florida, Spain, Malta and Mexico.

Garry Dallas

Garry, known to many as ‘Sidemount Bob’ or ‘Chewie’, is truly fascinated by the underwater world, equally as happy being mesmerized by the gracefulness and beauty of marine life, as he is with the eerie silence of deep wrecks soaked in history, not to mention the remote, stunning speleology decorating the caves around the world, photographing those special moments along the way.

For nearly 20 years, spending most of his time underwater, he figured that becoming an instructor and passing on his knowledge would be time well spent, and so he did just that, improving divers abilities wherever he goes. Having qualifications in all the major training agencies in OC, SCR and CCR, his intrigue into various kit and configurations led him to research the theory, understanding and practicalities into Sidemount diving and its application for all disciplines including rebreathers, for which he is globally reputed.

He finds it in his nature to seek adventure and push himself, clearly evident in his cave diving explorations and ventures; Presenting/speaking at primary and secondary schools, dive centres and national/international dive shows.

He’s a Recreational, Technical and Cave Instructor Trainer, co-owner and director of training for RAID UK & Malta training agency, a key member of the “Apeks Cave Exploration” and “Apeks Tek Testing” teams, exploring newly discovered cenotes in the Yucatan district, Mexico as well as mines and caves in UK and Spain.

He says ” Teaching and diving around the world, I feel privileged to be able to call this surreal, enticing and inspiring underwater realm my office, humbled every time I’m in it… that’s why I enjoy my ‘job’ and would love others to have that same experience. ”

Garry Dallas

Lanny Vogel

Lanny Vogel

Lanny is a Full Cave Instructor with various agencies and, with his wife Claire, is the owner of Underworld Tulum, a purpose built dive centre with bespoke accommodation for cave divers. He is also the founder of Cave Camp, an annual event that brings together cave divers and instructors from all over the world for courses, presentations, socials and great cave diving.

Lanny has been diving for over 20 years and teaching people to dive since 2003. He qualified as a technical instructor in 2005 and has been fortunate to train with some of the world’s leading dive educators and explorers. He currently holds instructor qualifications from IANTD, RAID, PADI, TDI, SDI, CMAS, BSAC and DAN, and has both technical and cave certifications from GUE.
Previously a Commander in the Royal Navy, he retired in 2014 to prevent work getting in the way of cave diving. With many years experience of diving the caves in Mexico in Backmount, Sidemount and Closed Circuit Rebreather, he is passionate about introducing new divers to the beautiful caves of the Yucatan peninsula.

Rich Walker

Rich Walker is a full-time diving instructor with Global Underwater Explorers. He has been diving since 1991, and has ticked off many of the bucket-list diving locations, but many more remain! His main focus now is to dive on meaningful and worthwhile projects, be they conservation, archaeological or scientifically based. He is very interested in the role that amateur divers can play in the collection of data for wider scientific projects.

Here’s a summary of Rich Walker’s projects and roles in which he has had the privilege to be involved

  • Ghost fishing UK: Coordinator, 2015 – present
  • Mars: Project Diver 2015-present
  • Project Tiger: Organiser
  • Karst Odyssey: Exploration Diver 2009.
  • Ghost Fishing: Project Diver, Argo, Croatia. 2014
  • Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project (TSRCP): Training Advisor, Malapascua, Philippines. 2008
  • Project Baseline: Project Diver – South Wales Caves
  • Project Baseline: Project Diver – Portland Harbour Wrecks Project
  • Herault Cave Diving Expedition: Exploration Diver
  • Project Morpheus: Exploration diver, Licanka, Croatia.

Rich Walker


John Kendall

John Kendall is a GUE technical, cave and CCR instructor. Since he was a small child, John has been fascinated by the underwater environment and the possibilities of adventure, and he is grateful to GUE for helping him to turn those childhood dreams into reality.

As an instructor, John regularly travels around the world teaching GUE classes and helping to build local GUE communities. He is also the project manager for Project Baseline Malta. For the last 4 years, John has been working with underwater 3D Photogrammetry as a technique for nautical archaeology. This cutting edge technique allows for digital 3D models to be created of shipwrecks, and allow researchers and scientists unparalleled abilities to manipulate and navigate the sites from the comfort of their own computers.

From the frigid waters of the Baltic to the toasty Mediterranean sea, John and GUE have been accumulating data and generating some cool looking imagery of deep water wrecks, and John is going to share some of it with us.  When not diving (which is rare), John is also a commercially qualified UAV pilot.

Donovan Lewis: Blue Planet Aquarium

My entire life I’ve been obsessed with Sharks, their mystery, perfection and resilience to natures hardships make them one of the most incredible and talked about animals of today.

This year I was given a fantastic opportunity to work alongside the White Shark Diving Company in Gansbaai, South Africa throughout May and June. I was sent out by the Blue Planet Aquarium, based in Ellesmere Port, to go and gain experience and insight into shark conservation and research, and to learn what it takes to work alongside the worlds most recognisable shark species, the Great White.

The South African White Shark population was studied greatly throughout the 1990’s and was the subject of many documentaries. However this population of White Sharks, and the incredibly dynamic ecosystem that they call home, is now under threat from a range of things such as overfishing and competition. My talk will focus on these issues and reveal a South African scientific first, which also resulted in my participation in a White Shark dissection.



Chantelle Taylor-Newman

Educator, Publisher, Public Speaker — In South Africa Chantelle became the youngest female diver to be NAUI certified and qualified in 1985. She has brought together her passions for diving and medicine to increase diving safety awareness worldwide. Currently a PADI Divemaster. She founded the Diver Medic Facebook Group and the magazine Diver Medic. She was the second female to develop a Diver Medic Technician (DMT) Course accredited by IMCA for commercial divers and DAN Europe for recreational divers, a course which Chantelle remains the only female able to teach. Chantelle has set up a number of IMCA DMT training facilities in Europe and now works closely with The Diver Medic USA. She is on the DAN Europe Training Committee and is a regular speaker at dive shows. Chantelle continues to work on projects related to Dive Safety and Education.

Mark Powell

Mark had his first experience of diving at the age of 10 when he did a try-dive in a local pool. He was hooked from that point onwards. He learnt to dive in 1987 and has been diving ever since. He has dived in the Red Sea, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, California, Gulf of Mexico, the Middle East, Caribbean and the Mediterranean. However he is most at home in the waters around the UK where there is some of the best wreck diving in the world.

Mark became an instructor in 1994 and has been actively instructing since then. In 2002 Mark set up Dive-Tech, a dedicated technical diving facility, with the intention of providing the highest quality technical diving training. He has been a full time diving instructor since then. Dive-Tech provides technical training at all levels up to and including CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor Trainer. It also provides consultancy services to other diving organisations.

Mark is a TDI Instructor Trainer and a member of TDI’s Global Training Advisor Panel. He is a regular contributor to a number of diving magazines and a regular speaker at Diving conferences around the world. Mark represents TDI on the British Diving Safety Group and the HSE Recreational Diving Industry Committee as well as being a member of the Diver Training and Breathing Apparatus committees at the British Standards Institute.


In 2008 Mark published Deco for Divers, a widely acclaimed overview of the theory and physiology of decompression. This has quickly become the standard text on the subject and is recommended reading by a number of the technical diving agencies. In 2010 Deco for divers was awarded “Publication of the Conference” at the EuroTEK.10 technical diving conference and in 2014 it won the Media Award at TekDive USA. Mark’s passion is wreck diving and spends all his spare time diving the wrecks around the coastline of the UK and abroad and has led expeditions to a wide range of locations around the world. He is currently involved in a number of projects including documenting the wreck of HMS Hermes, the worlds first custom aircraft carrier, as well as searching for the other wrecks that were sank at the same time as HMS Hermes. He is also involved in an ongoing project in Malta to identify a number of unknown Second World War wrecks.


Nick and Caroline

Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown

Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown are the husband and wife team behind Frogfish Photography. They are passionate about marine life and photography and hope that their images will raise awareness of the threats to our oceans and to show the beauty within them. Nick is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.

They are the UK Ambassadors for Sharks4Kids and do talks to school children of all ages about the importance of sharks. They are photo-journalists who write for Sport Diver, Wildlife Photography World and for many papers and other publications around the world. Nick and Caroline are also the Photo Editors at Scubaverse.

They have recently published “World’s Best Wildlife Dive Sites” and have a new book coming out called “Deadly Oceans” which will add to their portfolio of books that already included Nick’s “Underwater Photography Art & Techniques”

Frogfish Photography offers underwater photography equipment, tuition and specialised trips in the UK and overseas.

Dave Thompson

Scuba diving is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Through his presentation titled “Able2 – Dive”, Dave Thompson MBE DL will share his passion for diving which he describes as ‘depth therapy’.

All divers appreciate the need for good buoyancy, as it results in a feeling of weightlessness. For many disabled divers it can support manoeuvrability that is impossible to achieve on dry land.

In 1989, Dave sustained a spinal cord injury while playing American Football and is now a full-time wheelchair user with limited use in his left arm and none in his right arm or legs. Despite this, he has completed his PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water qualifications, plus several specialities and, in the past eight years, he has recorded over 180 dives in the UK and abroad.

Dave and his colleagues from Warrington Disability Partnership will be staffing an exhibition stand promoting their annual ‘Going the Extra Mile Scuba Challenge’ which has raised over £25,000 towards their annual Disability Awareness Day.

Since its launch in 2011 Dave has set several personal bests including completing the mile in a gruelling one hour and 49 minutes. In 2013 Dave completed the mile using a Poseidon Rebreather, the event was featured on ITV Granada Reports.

Dave’s philosophy of life is: ‘it’s about what we can do that’s important, not what we can’t do’.

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