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Guest Speakers at The Great Northern Dive Show 2019

The Great Northern Dive Show 2019 will feature a wide variety of guest speakers from all areas of scuba diving.

Ben Burville

Ben Burville is a BSAC Instructor and Advanced Diver, he has been diving for over 30 years. He has spent more time underwater with grey seals and white beaked dolphin than anyone in the world.

Ben holds a Visiting Researcher post at Newcastle University in the department for marine biology, researching behaviour in these two species.

Known as the “Sealdiver” he has worked with the BBC,ITV, Sky, Ch4, France’s TF1 and others, filming mainly off the Northumberland coast.

At The Great Northern Dive Show Ben will provide insights into the underwater behaviour of seals and the how they have taught him to dive with them year round.

Ben Burville

Peter Collings

Peter Collings

International award winning author, photographer and wreck hunter started diving in 1970. Since 1985 he has published over 30 diving related books. In 1995 he formed the RED SEA WRECK ACADEMY in conjunction with the RED SEA ASSOCIATION, and went on to locate, identify, document, and survey over 35 wrecks in the Red Sea alone. His world wide research into other wrecks in areas such as Truk, Subic, Maldives, Bushuanga and the UK have resulted in a brace of international awards.

Peter has also lead over 500 escorted wreck safari’s in Egyptian waters. His new 5 part book, DIVE EGYPT’s SHIPWRECKS will be published at the GREAT NORTHERN DIVE SHOW

Ian France

Ian France is a passionate. experienced, full time technical diving Instructor Trainer, providing OC & CCR Cave, Mine and Technical diver training at diver and instructor level throughout the world.

With a wealth of experience in all kit configurations, both OC and CCR, and a regular instructor at Tekcamp (www.tekcamp.co.uk), Cave Camp (www.cavecamp.com), fundamental in the UKMC (www.ukmine-cave.com), and when not teaching – a very active diver exploring caves, mines, and the ocean. What really motivates Ian is a desire to pass on his experience and knowledge to students so that they too can discover the intrigue and delights of the underwater world and believes that the wrecks, caves and unexplored areas of the world are accessible to all divers with the correct training, equipment and knowledge.

Ian runs technical/cave courses both here in the UK, Azores, France, Florida, Spain, Malta and Mexico.


Ian France

Lanny Vogel

Lanny Vogel

Lanny is a Full Cave Instructor with various agencies and, with his wife Claire, is the owner of Underworld Tulum (www.underworldtulum.com), a purpose built dive centre with bespoke accommodation for divers. He is also the founder of Cave Camp (www.cavecamp.com), an annual event that brings together cave divers and instructors from all over the world for courses, presentations, socials and great cave diving.

Lanny has been diving for over 20 years and teaching people to dive since 2003. He qualified as a technical instructor in 2005 and has been fortunate to train with some of the world’s leading dive educators and explorers. He currently holds instructor qualifications from IANTD, RAID, PADI, TDI, SDI, CMAS, BSAC and DAN, and has both technical and cave certifications from GUE.

Previously a Commander in the Royal Navy, he retired in 2014 to prevent work getting in the way of cave diving. With many years experience of diving the caves in Mexico in Backmount, Sidemount and Closed Circuit Rebreather, he is passionate about introducing new divers to the beautiful caves of the Yucatan peninsula.

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