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Speakers Schedule

Learn more about who is speaking and when in our Speakers Event Schedule below

Saturday Speakers

Speaker From To
Opening Ceremony 9.30am 9.45am
Daniele – Scouts for Patron Scheme 9.50am 9.55am
Paul Duxfield 10.00am 10.25pm
Tracy Timperley 10.30am 10.55am
Clare Dutton 11.00am 11.25am
Garry Dallas 11.30am 11.55am
Mark Powell 12.00 noon 12.25pm
John Kendall 12.30pm 12.55pm
Richard Walker 1.00pm 1.25pm
Tim Cutter 1.30pm 1.55pm
Lanny Vogel 2.00pm 2.25pm
Dave Thompson 2.30pm 2.55pm
Donavan Lewis 3.00pm 3.25pm
Emily Petely-Jones 3.300pm 4.00pm
Steve Millard 4.05pm 4.30pm

Sunday Speakers

Speaker From To
Daniele – Scouts for Patron Scheme 9.30am 9.34am
Richard Walker 9.35am 9.55am
Tim Cutter 10.00am 10.25am
Lanny Vogal 10.30am 10.55am
Garry Dallas 11.00am 11.25am
Dave Thompson 11.30am 11.55am
Mark Powell 12.00 12.25pm
Ellen Cuylaerts 12.30pm 12.55pm
John Kendall 1.00pm 1.25pm
Paul Duxfield 1.30pm 1.55pm
Chantelle Taylor-Newman 2.00pm 2.25pm
Emily Petley-Jones 2.30pm 2.55pm
Nick and Caroline Robertson Brown 3.00pm 3.25pm

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